Welcome to St Thomas Church, Southborough 

    A lively Anglican church



    To live the love of God, 

    in the Way of Christ Jesus

    in our parish and community.


    A Warm Welcome 

    Welcome to our website!  I’m delighted that you’re visiting. I hope that you find what you need, and we’d be very pleased to see you in person, whether you’re already part of the local community or come to us from further afield. We hope the website will give you the information you need – if it doesn’t, let me know

    You are very welcome at St Thomas’, whoever you are and whatever your reason for coming, whether you’re new to faith and church, looking for a new congregation, wandering or wondering, we are richer for having you with us.

    As an Anglican church community, we have served this corner of Southborough since 1860 and our desire today is to continue living the love of God, in the way of Jesus Christ, for everyone we meet.  

    We have a fine choral tradition and sing enthusiastically, work at our praying and reach out in inclusiveness and mutual support.

    Our pattern of worship is centred on the Eucharist - at 8am every Sunday and at 1030am most Sundays.  One Sunday in most months we have a non-communion, family service, involving all ages, both in the planning and the enjoyment of the service. Children are welcome at all of our services – little ones, bigger ones, wriggly, giggly and quiet ones – Jesus loved them all and so do we.  If your attention span is limited or you’re a bit shy, whatever your age, our Family Service may be a gentler introduction. Come and see.

    We also say Morning Prayer at 9am (Tuesday-Friday) and Evening Prayer at 5pm (Monday and Wedneday-Friday)  and I would value your presence at those services too.  If midweek works better for you, we have a Eucharist at 10.30 on a Wednesday morning

    If you’d like a chat, I’d love to hear from you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Revd Rachel Wilson


    01892 525869


    Services and Events at St Thomas's Church this week

    Sunday 19 March


    of Lent

    8 am   The Eucharist

    10.30 am  Parish Eucharist with Thanksgiving for the birth of a child, and Ark


    20 March

    5 pm   Evening Prayer


    21 March

    9 am   Morning Prayer

    5.30 pm   Senior Guides

    7 pm   Guides


    22 March

    9.45 am   Holy Communion (BCP)

    10 am   Parent and Toddler Group

    10 am   Mothering Sunday Posy Workshop

    5 pm   Evening Prayer

    7.15 for 8 pm   Lent Course 3 (preceded by soup) in the Parish Room


    23 March

    9 am   Morning Prayer

    5 pm   Evening Prayer

    7 pm   Choir Practice


    24 March

    9 am   Morning Prayer

    5 pm   Evening Prayer

    5.45 pm   Brownies

    7.45 pm   Guides





    26 March

    Fourth Sunday of Lent

    8 am   The Eucharist

    10.30 am   Mothering Sunday Family Service

    12.30 pm   Poverty Lunch

    Forthcoming  Events and Dates for your Diary


    Parish Administrator: Andrea Burgess

    Church Office: Tel 01892 617398

    email: saintthomas1860@btinternet.com